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    All items have equal odds, the randomizer is using Math.random function from JavaScript at the core of the selection and doesn't add any extra weights.

    Random Car Model Generator

    The Car Picker is your go-to tool for selecting a random car model. You can exclude specific models or choose from multiple brands, making car selection fun and easy.


    1. How does TheCarPicker.com work?

    Simply click the "Random Car" button, and our app will select a car model for you. You can customize your selection by excluding specific models or choosing preferred brands.

    2. Can I exclude specific car models?

    Yes, you can exclude any car model you don't want to see in the random selection. The app remembers your exclusions within your browser.

    3. Is there an option to select specific brands?

    Absolutely! You can choose one or multiple preferred car brands, and the app will randomly select a model from your chosen brands.

    4. Can I reset my preferences?

    Yes, you can reset your preferences by clearing your browser's cache or using the provided reset option in the app.

    5. Is TheCarPicker.com free to use?

    Yes, TheCarPicker.com is completely free to use, providing an easy and fun way to discover random car models.

    6. How can I contact TheCarPicker.com for support or feedback?

    If you have any questions, need support, or want to provide feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We'll be happy to assist you!